Trustworthy Property and Evidence Storage

Serving the Florida counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, Martin and Collier

TESCO secure property and evidence storage features:

TESCO offers pickup and delivery service in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, Martin and Collier counties. You can also schedule an appointment to deliver property directly to our storage facility.

You get a complete, written audit starting with the date and time we receive your property or evidence for storage. All property and evidence taken into custody by TESCO personnel is carefully documented to include: item description, quantity, condition of evidence, submitting person’s name, case-related data, anticipated holding period and any special instructions. A receipt signed by both parties detailing all relevant information will be provided. All evidence is photographed upon initial acceptance.

All property or evidence will be stored in a secure crate or container. Small items will be placed in a secure locker with a single or double lock based on your instructions. Large items like a car or boat will be stored in a locked, fenced cage dedicated solely to that individual item. Click here to see samples of our secure evidence storage vaults.

You may select a double lock system similar to what is used for a bank safety deposit box. TESCO will hold one key and you will retain possession of the second key. In this manner evidence can only be accessed with two representatives present. If you prefer use of a single lock, you may retain possession of the sole key.

Access to the TESCO storage facility is strictly controlled but conveniently available on a 24-hour basis. No one may gain right of entry to the TESCO storage facility without a TESCO IAPE-certified representative being present. We record every transaction for your records.

TESCO follows similar secure procedures when delivering stored property or evidence to your facility for on-site viewing and analysis.

Why Secure Property and Evidence Storage is Critically Important

Storage procedures used for property and legal evidence can make or break a court case. Inadequate oversight and enforcement can result in evidence contamination, which prevents important evidence from being admissible in a court of law. Click here to learn more about Evidence Storage.

Storage Services for Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies

The proper storage of property and legal evidence is a critical component of the judicial process. TESCO helps police departments and other law enforcement personnel establish and follow standardized guidelines for property and evidence storage. TESCO secure evidence storage enables police departments to alleviate chronic storage shortages. Click here to learn more about Police Evidence Storage.

Storage Services for Insurance Companies and Adjusters

TESCO works with insurance company personnel and insurance adjusters to securely store a piece of property or legal evidence that is critical to understanding the cause of a pending insurance claim. Click here to learn more about Insurance Evidence Storage.

Storage Services for Attorneys and Law Firms

TESCO provides plaintiff and defense attorneys with a secure property and evidence storage facility where legal evidence for civil or criminal cases can be safely protected. We maintain a detailed written audit trail to document the “chain of custody” that is essential for court admissibility. Click here to learn more about Legal Evidence Storage.

Storage Services for Private Citizens

There are times when a private citizen can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with the secure storage of valuable possessions. Click here to learn more about Storage for Private Citizens.

NOTE: Generally, we do not store money, jewelry or narcotics.

Contact Andrew Scott by email or by calling 561-302-0756 to learn more about police or law enforcement consulting services.

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