Secure Property and Evidence Storage Services for
Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies

The proper storage of property and legal evidence is a critical component of the judicial process. TESCO helps police departments and other law enforcement personnel establish and follow standardized guidelines for property and evidence storage. Our storage units, evidence handling procedures and staff training programs are built with police departments in mind.

Law enforcement agencies see immediate benefits when working with TESCO, including:

TESCO will respond 24 hours a day for law enforcement agencies. Seizure of large quantities of evidence is not a problem for law enforcement agencies when TESCO is available to store the evidence for you in a secure environment.

TESCO helps police departments cope with the growing complexity of the evidence storage process, which has become more complicated in recent years as a result of legislation like the Advancing Justice through DNA Technology Act of 2003. Law enforcement agencies are now pressed to eliminate evidence backlogs while staying current with new incoming cases. Most importantly, evidence must now be held as long as a person is incarcerated.

Andrew (“Andy”) Scott is a 30-year career expert in police procedures and evidence storage requirements. As a former Chair of the Commission on Florida Law Enforcement Agencies (CFA) and Team Leader for the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), Mr. Scott evaluated law enforcement adherence to property and evidence accreditation standards.

Six years as a crime scene technician early in his police career gave Mr. Scott in-depth knowledge of proper evidence collection, chain of custody protocols, and courtroom testimony. He also served 2.5 years as a police department property custodian.

Contact Andrew Scott by email or by calling 561-302-0756 to learn how TESCO can help you protect evidence for your police department or law enforcement agency.

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