Secure Property and Evidence Storage Services for
Insurance Companies, Claims Managers and Adjusters

TESCO works with insurance company personnel and insurance adjusters to securely store a piece of property or legal evidence involved in a pending insurance claim. We are an independent third party acting with impartiality while securing the evidence or property in question.

Frequently one or more key items of legal evidence can play a central role in determining the outcome of an insurance dispute. This could be an appliance that is suspected of sparking a house fire or a piece of malfunctioning industrial equipment that triggered lost business profits.

Insurance adjusters working in the field frequently have a need to locate secure storage on short notice. Adjusters are faced with daily demands for rapid resolution of property loss claims brought by business and individual clients. Even the most thorough claims-processing procedures may fail if essential evidence is not stored properly.

If the insurance dispute erupts into court litigation, TESCO property and evidence storage procedures will document the “chain of custody” for court admissibility. TESCO founder Andrew J. Scott III is available to offer expert testimony in court as an independent third party.

Andrew Scott spent six years as a crime scene technician early in his police career, a role similar to the investigations conducted by insurance adjusters. His in-depth knowledge of proper evidence collection, chain of custody protocols, and courtroom testimony can help protect your client’s interest in an insurance dispute.

Contact Andrew Scott by email or by calling 561-302-0756 to learn more about secure evidence storage for insurance companies or insurance adjusters.

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