Why Secure Property and Evidence Storage is Critically Important

Storage procedures used for property and legal evidence can make or break a court case. Inadequate oversight or enforcement can result in evidence contamination, which prevents important evidence from being admissible in a court of law.

Establishing appropriate “chain of custody” for legal evidence requires that the location and possession of every item of evidence be fully documented at all times with a comprehensive written audit trail. Storing a critical item of evidence in a personal garage or even an office for just one night can destroy your chances of winning a significant case or insurance settlement for your client.

Evidence storage by one of the parties involved in a case inevitably leads to potential conflicts and charges of evidence tampering. TESCO is an impartial third party, thereby presenting a mutually agreeable solution to all parties involved in a civil, criminal, commercial or personal dispute.

Weapons, clothing, cars, or biological material can all be stored securely by TESCO. You get the following benefits:

Contact Andrew Scott by email or by calling 561-302-0756 to learn more about consulting services relating to police policies and procedures. Mr. Scott is available to serve as expert witness in court to provide an independent third party perspective on evidence storage and protection.

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